Diploma Track Program

The Diploma Track Program provides instruction for students who need an alternative setting to complete their Oregon Diploma. These students may need extra support such as extended time, alternative hours, etc. Generally, students who are enrolled in this program have been referred by a team at Eagle Point High School. Once students are on track they can be transferred back to their home school.

UPDATE January 2021

Beginning January 25th, 2021, our Secondary Opportunity students will going to school in the Hybrid Learning model. This model is a mix of In-Person Learning and Remote or Virtual Learning:

In-Person Learning: Secondary Opportunity students grades 9-12 will return to campus Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for half-day instruction while meeting health and safety guidelines. At this time, we are not requiring Wednesday in-person attendance. This will be reconsidered based on student attendance and achievement. To limit the number of contacts, students will be in cohorts. Your child is assigned to an AM (A) or PM (B) Cohort. Details are in the Hybrid Learning Handbook.