Our School

The Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunities (URCEO) offers options for tailoring your K-12 student's educational experience to best suit their needs. To learn more about our full-time, online public school see the resources below. For help with registering, visit our Virtual Learning Opportunities page.

URCEO 140 E Main Street, Eagle Point

The URCEO Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Serve the diverse learners of our community by providing a quality virtual educational experience for all K-12 students to ensure their success in an ever changing world.

Our Vision: 
Nurture and guide all students through equitable educational opportunities that encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop into lifelong learners.

Welcome to Your Virtual School for K-12

Eagle Point School District’s newest school, a fully virtual learning community for K-12 students opened in the fall of 2020. We are currently accepting new students for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Learn more on the Virtual Opportunity page

We are the Osprey!

We selected a mascot that is native to the area, which is important to our identity as the Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunities (URCEO). This bird's characteristics also reflect our values: hold tight to your dreams, take others under your wing, seek new perspectives, keep an eye out for opportunities, and dive in.